Dog Behaviour & Appearance

Get to know your dog's personality by exploring our articles & reading below.

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Reading Your Dog's Mind

We ask ourselves questions about our dogs' behaviour almost every day. Things like: Are you feeling ok? Why do you like digging holes? Is all that dog barking really necessary? No doubt, dog psychology is complicated, but it's worth trying to understand what they're thinking and why they behave the way they do. Although dogs use a variety of sounds and signals, you can learn how to speak dog lingo by paying attention to body postures and facial expressions. Not only will this bring you closer to your dog, but it'll also keep your dog safe and healthy.

Dog Behaviour and Psychology

Your dog's actions can tell you a lot about how he's feeling. And although you may not speak “canine tongue”, understanding dog behaviour is essential to great pet parenting. Have you ever wondered why your dog pants? Dogs expel most of their body heat by exhaling, so he's probably too warm and regulating his body temperature. And what if you've already been through house training, but he starts breaking the rules? This can be a sign of a larger health issues. Dog chewing and dog biting is common for puppies as they learn how to communicate. But sometimes dogs bite out of anxiety, fear or aggression if the behaviour isn't handled earlier. In short, there are many health concerns that cause odd or unwanted behaviour, but if you pay close attention to his actions, you'll be able to keep him healthy and happy.

Dog Body Language

Dogs are incredibly expressive when it comes to their bodies. That includes their face, ears, tails and overall postures. For example, if a dog's tail is tucked with his body lowered, nose wrinkled, ears back and lips slightly curled, that's a sure sign you should give him a little space. But if his tail is down and relaxed with his ears up, head high, mouth open (showing a little tongue) and stance loose, he's very relaxed and would love to play. Your dog takes on many moods, resulting in many body postures, but all are very important messages.