Life is just more fun when your dog is healthy. That’s why we work with your veterinarian to deliver the best nutrition-based solutions that help you recapture a normal, vibrant life together.


No matter what health issues your dog is facing, our alliance with veterinarians puts us in a unique position to find a solution. Ask your vet how the Prescription Diet® dog foods can help his weight, mobility, kidney, digestive, urinary and skin and coat health.


When you combine our scientific approach to nutrition with the expertise of more than 220 veterinarians and Ph.D. nutritionists worldwide, it’s clear that we’re much more than just a pet food manufacturer. We love animals and work diligently to make a difference in their lives.


The best nutrition in the world won’t make a difference if your dog doesn’t love eating it. Entice him with the savory ingredients, delectable aromas, and unique shapes and textures that dogs simply cannot resist.


Peace of mind is priceless. That’s why only the best ingredients from the most trusted sources are the foundation for all Prescription Diet® foods. We also conduct 5 million quality and safety checks per year at the facility as well as voluntary third-party inspections nearly every month to ensure that we are maintaining the highest standards. Learn more.


It started with one Seeing Eye® dog, his best friend and a veterinarian with a vision. That’s how Dr. Mark Morris created therapeutic nutrition more than 75 years ago. Every day since then, we’ve continued to perfect it. We continue his commitment to innovation with groundbreaking products such as b/d®, Metabolic and more.


Prescription Diet® Stews


Now the therapy they need offers the variety they crave.


Set All of Our Stews


Weight Management

96% of dogs lost weight in two months at home.


Digestive Care

Highly digestible to enhance absorption of nutrients.

Skin/Food Sensitivities

Hydrolyzed protein and single carbohydrate source to minimize adverse reactions to food.

Urinary Care

Clinically tested to promote an acid urine pH to discourage struvite crystal formation.

Kidney Care

Clinically tested nutrition to improve and lengthen quality of life.

Caring for Your Dog


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