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New Prescription Diet updates you can expect

Redesigned packaging makes it easier to identify your pet’s food
Redesigned packaging makes it easier to identify your pet’s food
Scannable QR code on each bag instantly links to helpful resources
Scannable QR code on each bag instantly links to helpful resources
Easy-to-understand key benefits
Easy-to-understand key benefits listed on the back of each bag let you know exactly how the food helps your pet

Frequently asked questions

With change comes questions. Find the answers here.

  • Why is Hill’s relaunching Prescription Diet?

    The new modern look of our packaging and the simplified sizing structure are making it easier for you to navigate the Prescription Diet portfolio and work with your veterinarian to find the right product for your pet.

  • What is changing?

    Redesigned packaging

    Optimised portfolio

    • New mini foods
    • New flavours
  • How is the packaging changing?

    We have done a lot of research to understand your needs as well as the veterinarians' and have optimised our packaging designs. We have a new simple and clean design that makes it easier to shop online and in clinic. We learned that the colour on each product helps you identify your pet's food, so we have made the colour more prominent and each product package now features a unique pet image on the front. The new packaging also brings the science to life in an easy-to-understand way. On the back of the pack, we have one core main claim on the top and we explain the key benefits of our products with clear statements on how it helps and how the formula works. We include icons to help provide clarity and understanding, all making it easier for you to work with your veterinarian to find the right Prescription Diet food for your pet.

For best results, follow this pet food transition guide

Gradually transition your pet’s old food to new food over a period of 7 days to avoid digestive upset.

Day 1-2

DAYS 1-2

days 3-4

DAYS 3-4

days 5-6

DAYS 5-6

day 7


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