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The right nutrition can make all the difference in your pet’s life. Take this quiz to see which food may be best fit for your furry friend.

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To start, which type of pet do you have?

What is your {specie}'s name?

Are you feeding {petName} Hill’s pet foods?

If you’re switching to a new pet food you’ll want to make sure your {specie} has an easy transition.

What brand of Hill’s pet food does {petName} eat?

If you're switching to a new pet food, you'll need to make sure your {specie} has an easy transition.

This sounds like a job for your veterinarian

As much as we would love to share a recommendation with you, only a veterinarian is qualified to discuss what therapeutic foods may be right for your pet’s needs.

What is {petName} ‘s birthday?

Knowing your {specie} ’s age can help ensure you’re giving them the right nutrition for their lifestage. If unknown, give us your best guess.

What type of food does {petName} prefer?

Check all that apply.

What is {petName}’s breed size?

Your {specie}'s size can determine their specific energy and nutritional needs.

How would you describe {petName}’s body weight?

Choose the picture that best represents your {specie}

Does {petName} have an additional special needs?

(Select any that apply).

Does {petName} have any additional preferences or considerations?

Hill’s foods are made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust.

Here are science-led products made for {petName}

Remember to check with your veterniarian for a specific recommendation.


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Want to see what else Hill's has to offer?

Want to see what else Hill's has to offer?