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Onc Care dog and cat food

Powerful nutrition designed for pets fighting cancer.

Prescription Diet ONC Care is powerful nutrition designed for pets with cancer and the adventures that still await.

Ask your veterinarian about Hill’s Prescription Diet ONC Care

With taste beyond belief, for adventures beyond imagination.

Clinical nutrition designed to nourish & support pets fighting cancer

Dog and food bowl

Encourages an enthusiastic appetite & food intake

with tasty ingredients & unique, easy-to-chew kibble

Cat profile

Helps maintain muscle

with highly digestible proteins & fats, and rich in calories


Supports healthy digestion

with ActivBiome+ digestive support

Hear Arlo and Ginger’s story

Caring for your pet

Articles and Tools

Discover more tips and resources that can help you care for your pet with cancer.

Veterinarian with cat

Questions to ask your veterinarian

When your dog or cat is diagnosed with cancer, you’re going to have questions. Here are some useful questions to ask during your next vet visit: 

  • What treatments are available?
  • What is the prognosis with each treatment?
  • What are the side effects of each treatment? 
  • How will these treatments affect my pet’s quality of life?
  • ​​What can I feed my pet to provide the best nutritional support possible?
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Changing lives through food

Being in the pet food industry since 1939, we understand the value of planning for long-term sustainability.

Our Nutritional Philosophy

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Committed to good

Every part of our manufacturing process is designed to meet ethical, sustainable, and responsible standards.

Our Company Values

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A product you can trust

Learn how we ensure your pet’s food meets the highest benchmarks for nutrition, safety, and taste.

About Our Quality & Safety