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Aidez des animaux sans abri dans votre région

7 Ways to Help Homeless Pets in Your Area

1. Share your home.

Save the lives of cats and dogs by adopting or fostering them in your home. Your local shelter has all kinds of pets waiting anxiously for a second chance for love. Without you, their wait goes on.

2. Tell your friends.

Contact people in your email address book and rally their support for helping homeless dogs and cats. Attach a hyperlink to your area shelter and encourage adoption in the signature of all your emails. Tell your friends. Even the smallest effort helps!

3. Volunteer.

From taking exhilarating walks with pets around the block to writing pet friendly newsletters, your local shelter needs the support of people with big hearts just like you. Contact your local shelter and find out how to get involved.

4. Donate Life-Saving Supplies.

It never ends. Shelters are in constant need of pet supplies and cleaning materials in addition to specialty items to help the animals we love. Before you go shopping, contact your local shelter to find out which items are needed most. Make your contribution count.

5. Send Money – the Lifeblood of Your Favorite Animal Charity.

If you can't adopt a pet, you can always donate – even just a few dollars – to organizations trying to rescue desperate dogs and cats. Giving money can save lives and piece of mind is knowing it's money well spent.

6. Be an Example. Teach Compassion.

Tell friends and neighbors about ways to help homeless pets and get them to join you in taking on shelter activities and volunteering opportunities. By becoming a symbol of compassion, you can touch countless lives and create countless Second Chances for Love.

7. Buy the Brand that Makes a Difference.

Hill's® pet foods deliver the precise nutrition your pet needs, but when you buy our products, your money goes even further. Every purchase helps us take another step toward creating Second Chances. Our success is the main ingredient feeding the Hill's Shelter Nutrition Partnership.

"I have found that adopted pets are truly grateful to have an owner who loves them, and shelters are full of so many more just waiting for homes!"

Adopted "Tinker Toy" and "Squirt"