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1. Adopt a Pet

Adopting a homeless pet is the perfect way for one person to make a real difference. If you're ready to bring a new cat or dog into your life, why not adopt? Your local shelter is filled with wonderful animals patiently waiting for a new home, and one may be just right for you.

2. Buy Hill's® Pet Foods

When you buy Hill's® Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® pet foods, you support our Shelter Nutrition Partnership. Your purchases enable us to continue and expand our donations, making a difference for pets around the country. While you're at it, buy an extra bag and donate it directly to your local shelter.

3. Help Your Local Shelter Join our Partnership

If your local shelter is not currently a member of our Shelter Nutrition Partnership, we'd love to talk to them about our program. You can help us get in touch with them. Learn more.

4. Donate Money

Monetary gifts are always welcome by shelters, allowing your shelter to purchase exactly what it needs. Some shelters feature donation forms and online transactions on their websites. Contact your local shelter to find out how they prefer to receive donations.

5. Donate Your Time

Volunteers help keep homeless animals well-socialized, healthy and happy. Volunteer activities can range from animal care to fundraising in your community. If you would like to help, contact your local shelter to find out how they can best use you and your talents.

6. Donate Supplies

In addition to pet food, shelters need blankets, toys, collars and many other supplies. The next time you're going shopping, pick up a few extra things for your shelter. Many shelters maintain wish lists to let you know what items they need the most, so check your local shelter's website or give them a call.