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Inventory and Service Update

Over the last four weeks Hill's has been experiencing an unusually high level of out of stocks. We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any problems these out of stocks have had on your pet, and explain to you why this has happened.

Hill’s is dedicated to ensuring that we have the safest pet food in the marketplace. Our comprehensive quality testing program underwent a recent review, and the company established an even more stringent quality testing protocol to reduce the likelihood of you receiving inferior product from us. The process is called ‘positive release’ and basically we are testing every batch of raw material received to our plants and finished product before dispatch. This process has added about another 4 days to our distribution process. But it gives you greater assurance that our product is 100% in spec and safe to recommend and sell.

This additional testing combined with an increase in sales has resulted in us having a lower level of inventory available for shipment. We anticipate inventory levels returning to normal in the next few weeks.

Hill’s underwent a similar enhancement a few years ago by implementing a system enabling us to track our products from the raw ingredient suppliers to each customer that received shipment of the finished goods. This system was put to the test during the recall and proved to be a tremendous asset in identifying exactly where affected product had been shipped, and enabled us to quickly pick it up.

The product tracking technology as well as the additional testing is another way that Hill’s is assuring that we are delivering the highest quality pet nutrition to our customers, consumers and of course, our pets.

I want to personally thank you for your business and ask for your patience as we build inventories that will support superior service levels again.

Thank you,

Gordon Dumesich
General Manager