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Archived News Release


Topeka, KS (October 25, 2007) — Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. shipped about 50,000 lbs of Science Diet and Prescription Diet and is working with relief organizations in California to help feed dogs and cats affected by the wildfires.

"Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the fires. We are also concerned about dogs and cats that may need balanced nutrition," said Bob Wheeler, Chief Executive Officer of Hill's. "We understand it can be difficult for pet owners to obtain food for their pets under these circumstances. So we began providing pet food to veterinary clinics and hospitals, and others in the area."

Hill's representatives nearby are working closely with veterinary clinics and providing them food for dogs and cats that may be kenneled in their clinic or have special needs and normally eat one of Hill's Science Diet® or Prescription Diet® formulas.

"We will continue to provide our help as appropriate," said Neil Thompson, president of Hill's The Americas. "We greatly appreciate the efforts of all the different organizations helping all affected by the fires and will continue to support veterinary clinics and hospitals, the San Diego County Animal Services and the California and San Diego Veterinary Medical Associations."

Hill's is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Colgate-Palmolive Company and is the maker of Science Diet® and Prescription Diet® pet foods for dogs and cats at all life stages. The two brands are sold exclusively at veterinarian clinics and specialty pet retailers throughout the world. Hill's operates four manufacturing facilities nationwide and is the leading provider of therapeutic pet foods to veterinary customers.

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