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Adult Dogs 1-6 years

Routine Care

Microchipping Pets: What You Should Know

The government has announced that as of April 2016, all dogs in the UK must be microchipped by law. Many owners don’t necessarily know how microchipping works though and this can lead to the system breaking down, so Hill’s has laid out the facts in one easy reference guide.

How to Find an Amazing Vet for Dogs You Love

Is your veterinarian providing the best care possible for the health of your dog? This article is designed to provide pet owners with the process and criteria necessary to select a vet.

Pesky Pests and Itching Season

Allergies are all too common and the same pollens and house dust that cause allergic reactions in people often cause allergic dermatitis in small and toy breed dogs.

Four Steps to a Healthier Adult Dog

How to make sure your dog attains his ideal weight and maintains a healthy weight for life.

Taking your Adult Dog to the Veterinarian

A trip to see the veterinarian can be a stressful experience for your dog.

Dental Care for Your Dog

There are several ways you can care for your dog's teeth every day.