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Living With Puppies

What to Know About a Puppy's Dry Nose

Puppy owners frequently ask if a dry, warm nose means their puppy is sick.

Separation Anxiety and Your Dog

Your love is a primary source of happiness for your dog.

Helping Your Dog Cope with Loud Thunder and Fireworks

Fear of loud noises, especially thunder and fireworks, is a common phobia in dogs.

When Your Dog Smells Trouble With a Skunk

Dogs in Alaska and Hawaii don't come across many skunks, but a chance encounter is entirely possible throughout the rest of the United States, especially in warmer weather.

Planning a Safe Holiday for Your Dog

When it comes to the holidays, there are so many things to be careful of - not gaining 10 lbs. on cookies, not getting yourself into debt just to buy some presents - and of course keeping your pets healthy, happy and safe.

Halloween Safety Tips

There are few things in life cuter than seeing your terror-of-a-puppy dressed up in horns and a red cape on Halloween.

Winter Tips for Your Dog

With temperatures dipping, your dog will need a little special attention to stay warm, happy, healthy and safe this winter.

Summer Heat and Warm Weather Tips

Summer sun can give us all a boost after a long, hard winter but many pets need special care to ensure they enjoy the warm weather safely.