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Dr. Mary is a consultation clinician with Hill’s Veterinary
Consultation Service. The Consultation Service is a team of
veterinary professionals that provide medical and nutritional
consultations to veterinary professionals across
the United States and Canada.

Dr. Mary received her Bachelor’s degree, Masters of Science,
and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Kansas State University,
and earned a PhD from Iowa State University. She was an
instructor for veterinary students at Kansas Sate and
Iowa State veterinary colleges, and worked in the diagnostic
lab at UC Davis on the Tulare campus. Her professional
endeavors in Kansas and Missouri include small animal
practice. Currently, Dr. Mary enjoys discussing medical cases
with Hill’s veterinary partners and making recommendations that
encompass medical and nutritional solutions. She continues to
use herknowledge of microbiology to address concerns about infectious agents.

Dr. Mary enjoys guitar, banjo, gardening, baking and riding horses. Her son is starting a range-raised poultry business and her daughter is working on a college degree. Dr. Mary’s Border Collie "Dot" acts as a medical alert dog for her son. Her Shih-Tzu cross, "Kodak" is a trained therapy dog and her bossy former-feral cat "Peaches" has been a part of the family
for a decade.